Question 1 : You are walking peacefully on a out-of-the-way country road, when suddenly you are meeting a foreigner... What do you do? ?

- Answer :
You invite him immediately to a banquet (And if he is not polite, he will be full part of the banquet!)
You propose to join him, but if he refuses your help, he will have to take care not to meet you again!
You kill him coldly before he had the time to say something!
You highlight him to take care about the grass, otherwise he will be in danger!

Question 2 : You continue your trip and you enter in a forest when suddenly, you arrive face to face with a wild beast! What do you do? ?

- Answer :
You thank Mother nature to have the opportunity to admire this creature
You ask yourself, if this thing is good to eat?
You try to train it, this beast does not intimidate you!!.
You eat it !

Question 3 : Finally, after all these meetings, the night is coming ...
What do you do? ?

- Answer :
I go back to my fortress where my warm room is waiting me.
You have a rest, looking at the stars.
You eat and drink all the night with yours companions.
You fall asleep dreaming about new methods of torture.

Jeu Jeu