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"Yldune ! Yldune ... Come on, would you stop being stuck in that, you will have enough with your all life to feel prisoner ... And then, such a beautifull young and innocente girl can't have a lot of things to blame herself."

Yldune, it's me, and the man nicely blaming me is my grandfather, Michel.

I'm a young girl, everything that can be normal, I'm playing in the creeks, I\m running throughout grazings, I'm singing and laughing, I' crying sometimes too.

Nothing very original ... but unfortunatly, what I have to say to you is far to be so happy.

While everything around was so peaceful, so quiet, one day, some guards came to our home, they were making a visit of all the cottages of the region. It is said that our king, so good in the past, became crazy, without any reasons... That's why finally, I was locked with others, because we were suspected to be possessed by the devil, no one understood really what was happening... I didn't have the feeling to be possessed by anything, but they pretended the contrary, they declare that the demons were among us.

The demons were taking our bodies, they were taking our souls, the demons were terrifying. Me, I had never seen any demons and anyway I didn't let them do, the last weaklings who had the audacity to tease me had remembered for a long time.

Finally, they found anything, so they relaesed everyone, what could they do else ? Escorted outside of the castle, we were breathing the freedom's air to full-blown, when suddenly, a shout was heard, "The King is dead ! The King is dead !".

The King were dead, the people had to seem sad, but no one of us was. Because when we came back home ... onely the desolation was waiting for us. Our cottage had been burned, everything which was important to us had been taken away... In such conditions, how to be pained about the death of a so few enlightened despot?

No, we weren't sad, we were corroded by hatred, hatred was taking us, little by little it was reaching our humanity, you see, hatred can be very hungry, we became what they feared, the evil, in its highest purity, in its full splendor and its beauty, the fascinating evil.

There where our lifes ended... That's where everything began ...